Caring for your Lux Lines crochet swimwear

After that long day chilling by the pool or beach or that fun day at one of Dubai’s many beach clubs, try to resist the urge to take of your crochet bikini and throw it in the corner of your room.  As with all Lux Lines swimwear but especially crochet, rinse in the shower or sink with mild liquid soap and leave to dry.


Chlorine can have a harmful effect on your swimwear so it’s advised to rinse your Lux Lines swimwear immediately after you change.  If you don’t have much time don’t worry you can give it a hand wash later on in the day, but try and at least rinse off the excess chlorine.   

If you do have time, of course we recommend washing straight away to prevent the chlorine sinking into the fabric.  Fill up your sink with cold water, add a small amount mild liquid hand soap, let your piece soak in that for fifteen minutes and then rinse it out with cold water.

Never put your crochet swimwear in the dryer, washing machine, dry clean, iron or wring! It will lose its silhouette and become old looking – definitely not a good beach look! Instead let your Lux Lines crochet bikini dry flat outside under the shade in order to maintain the shape. Dry thoroughly before storing.

Be mindful of where you sit

Beach fronts and pool sides can be dangerous places. Rubbing against rough and uneven surfaces will cause the cotton and polyamide fibers to snap and the material to wear out. So always remember to pick up a sarong or a beach towel and take a moment to lay it out before you sit down.

Give Your Lux Lines Crochet Bikini Some Down Time

Swimwear usually takes about 24 hours to get back to its original shape, so try not to wear the same piece on consecutive days. Alternate between suits to allow them to breathe and return to their normal condition.  Don’t worry, we have loads of styles to help you switch up your look!

Remember handmade swimwear is made with love and care so please treat accordingly. 

Crochet Care Tips